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SAS at a Glance

SAS delivers proven solutions that drive innovation and improve performance.


SAS transforms the way the world works, giving people THE POWER TO KNOW®.


These SAS values can be seen in every company relationship, from long-standing customer engagements to the strong and focused employee community.

  • Approachable
  • Customer-Driven
  • Swift and Agile
  • Innovative
  • Trustworthy
SAS Features:
  • Entity, fact and event extraction
  • Contextual extraction
  • Category classification
  • Taxonomy creation
  • Collaboration
  • Out-of-the-box integration
  • Support for more than 30 languages
  • Add-ons available for Web crawling, text summarization, search and indexing, real-time alerts and more

SAS® Accredited Training

Promoting excellence in SAS® software training

High quality software solutions fulfil their promise through the expertise of the people who implement and use them.For this reason SAS has a long-standing and strong commitment to excellence in the training and career development of SAS software professionals. As part of this commitment, SAS has developed rigorous standards for training, enabling you to identify and choose the best available program and courses. Training that meets these high standards receives the SAS Accredited Training designation. If you are intending to take a course to improve your skills in SAS software and knowledge of SAS solutions, the SAS Accredited Training brand is your guarantee that the course is among he best available.

The Four components of SAS Accredited Training:

SAS Software:

SAS Accredited Training courses use the latest release of the SAS software covered by the course materials.

SAS official Curriculum:

SAS Accredited Training is based on in-depth analyses of the ways in which SAS software is being used in practice to deliver competitive advantage. Iterative review and assessment circles, and comprehensive documentation, enable the continuous development and dissemination of course materials that promote fast and accessible knowledge exchange. To underline these efforts and to enable you to distinguish quality-approved AS course materials from imitators, SAS software course materials display the SAS Official Curriculum logo.

Training facilities inspected and approved by SAS:

To be fully effective, learning needs to take place in an environment that meets both technical requirements and human needs. Facilities for the delivery of SAS Accredited Training must be equipped with leading-edge technology in an ergonomic and pleasant setting that is conducive to the rapid absorption of new skills and knowledge. We regard this as essential to ensure that students learn to identify, appreciate and exploit the benefits of SAS software.

SAS Accredited Trainers

High standards of teaching are essential to make the most of high quality materials and Technology, and we are committed to achieving exceptionally high levels of accreditation for individual trainers. The SAS Accredited Training standard is designed to ensure that the SAS Official Curriculum is delivered by a trainer who has been accredited by SAS to teach the topic, and ideally the specific course, through an intensive and personalized mentoring process. As well as being experts in the subject matter, SAS Accredited Trainers must prove they can communicate the SAS Official Curriculum effectively using internationally accepted and proven instructional skills. For example, this can be achieved by completing a “test teach” under constant supervision by a specially trained mentor.

About Epoch

EPOCH Research Institute is India’s a one of the Largest Accredited and Certified Training Provider on SAS Technologies; with world class Trainer (Trained, Certified, Accredited, Experienced On SAS and Clinical Domain) and Back office Staff numbering to more than 100 employees Across India with Global Qualification supported by Global Experience focusing on…

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